Empowering Your Product Launch with Comprehensive Support and Expertise

From securing reliable suppliers to flawless execution, we elevate your product’s journey from conception to market, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted and managed.

Who We Are

Pioneers in Product Launch Excellence

Verified Supplier Sourcing
Connecting you with 8+ vetted suppliers to ensure quality and reliability.
Detailed Product Insights
Providing thorough product pricing and information, including EXW & DDP prices.
Unlimited Coordination
Offering unlimited Zoom calls for seamless communication and planning.
In-depth Analysis Reports
Delivering complete Excel reports for transparent and informed decision-making.
Expert Negotiation
Negotiating on your behalf in both Chinese and English to secure the best terms.
Strategic Logistic Solutions
Planning and executing logistic strategies for efficient product delivery.

Unified Order Management at Your Fingertips.

Streamline Your Amazon Product Services with Our All-in-One Platform – Manage, Track, and Optimize All Your Orders and Products in One Convenient Location.

Product Launch Service

What Does It Take To Be Expert In Product Launch Services?

A cohesive ensemble of experienced sourcing specialists, skilled negotiators fluent in multiple languages, and detail-oriented project coordinators, complemented by strategic logistic planners and innovative packaging designers. United, we aim to provide an unparalleled product launch service that distinctly positions us as leaders in the field.

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Product Launch Service

Market-Ready Product Launches

A unified team of sourcing experts, seasoned negotiators, and project managers, supported by strategic logistics and innovative packaging designers. Together, we commit to providing a premier product launch service that distinctly differentiates us in the marketplace.

At the heart of our unparalleled service, clear and direct communication takes precedence.
At the heart of our unparalleled service, clear and direct communication takes precedence.
We hold the conviction that truly grasping and addressing our clients' requirements is fundamental to offering an enhanced experience.
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Explore our packs 📦

Dive into our diverse range of Studio Packs, each meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs and elevate your creative projects.

Product Launch Service

We Specialize in Comprehensive Product Launch Services

Our methodical strategy guarantees both effectiveness and simplicity for our team and our clients, allowing us to provide thorough, market-ready solutions that accentuate your product’s unique selling points and ensure it stands out in competitive marketplaces like Amazon.

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Product Launch Services

Our System

We’re confident in our grasp of your requirements! Our innovative system, made specifically with you in mind, simplifies and streamlines the process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

As specific as you want
Tailored to meet your exact needs, ensuring every detail is precisely as you envision.
Professional & cost effective
Offering professional quality at a cost-effective price, balancing budget with exceptional service.
World class customer service
Exemplary customer service that’s recognized for its responsiveness, care, and support.
Optimized for your needs
Designed for efficiency and ease, adapted perfectly to your unique requirements and preferences.
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Hear From Our Satisfied Clients 😊

“It was a pleasure working with David. His delivery exceeded my expectations. Most importantly, he communicated well. My questions were responded to very quickly, he has great customer service, and is overall a pleasure to work with. His work is impeccable! Will use his services again! Thank you.”

Amina Ali

“Amazing quality of images. But what is even better is the customer service, they respond very quickly and will make adjustments for you when possible!”

Amir Khan

“The final product was amazing! Great work from David and his team!”

Isabella Lopez

“Absolutely AMAZING WORK!!! I've launched three products these are the first photos I've seen that actually wow me!”

Jamal Williams

“Excellent communication and really fast and high-quality service all around. Thank you!”

Jose Ramirez

“Quick revision turnaround. Designs were not fully A++ but I was able to adjust as needed on my side. Thanks again for your business.”

Kai Brown

“Amazing service wow ! David really helped throughout all the process and the pictures were amazing ! 100% would recommend again !”

Maya Patel

“David and the team were extremely professional, friendly and efficient. I am very pleased with my experience and would recommend them again.”

Mia Garcia

“Everything was perfect, and I appreciated the adaptable approach.”

Priya Sharma

“Great results within adequate time. Open communication throughout the process. Thanks David and team!”

Sofia Martinez

“My product tennis backpack's copywriting and keyword research were done brilliantly. It has been really helpful. ”

Grace Wang


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